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A Full Kit Of Tools

A kit of tools necessary for doing any plain work should embrace the following:

1. A Hatchet.

2. A Claw Hammer—two sizes preferred.

3. Cross-cut Saw, 20 inches long.

4. Rip Saw, 24 inches long.

5. Wooden Mallet.

6. Jack Plane.

7. Smoothing Plane.

8. Compass Saw.

9. Brace.

10. Bits for Brace, ranging from ¼ inch to 1 inch diameter.

11. Several small Gimlets.

12. Square.

13. Compass.

14. Draw-knife.

15. Rule.

16. Two Gages.

17. Set of Firmer Chisels.

18. Two Mortising Chisels.

19. Small Back Saw.

20. Saw Clamps.

21. Miter Box.

22. Bevel Square.

23. Small Hand Square.

24. Pliers.

25. Pair of Awls.

26. Hand Clamps.

27. Set Files.

28. Glue Pot.

29. Oil Stone.

30. Grindstone.

31. Trusses.

32. Work Bench.

33. Plumb Bob.

34. Spirit Level.

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