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Cutting The Shoulders

With regard to working the piece B, , place the wood against the bench stop or in the vice, and taking up a 3⁄4-in. chisel carefully cut away a small channel, as shown at ; treat the other shoulder lines in a similar manner. If the marking knife or penknife blade has been used with a fair amount of pressure so as to score the fibres of the wood, this small channel, which is to form a guide for the saw, will quickly and easily be cut. Next place the wood in the vice or on the cutting board as shown at , and begin by sawing lightly at the back edge as shown. When the saw has entered the wood 1⁄4 in. gradually bring the handle down from position A to position B (dotted lines) whilst the saw is in motion. Continue sawing until just on the gauge line; then treat the other shoulder lines in a similar manner.

Fig. 89.—Sawing the Shoulders. Fig. 89.—Sawing the Shoulders.

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