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Music Rack And Bookstand

The illustration shows a very handy music and bookstand, which also can be used at the bedside as a reading stand. The following list of material will be required for construction:

  • 1 standard, 1-1/8 by 1-1/8 by 37 in., S-4-S.

  • 1 horizontal, 1-1/8 by 1-1/8 by 15 in., S-4-S.

  • 1 crosspiece, 1-1/8 by 1-1/8 by 14 in., S-4-S.

  • 1 crosspiece, 1-1/8 by 1-1/8 by 12 in., S-4-S.

  • 2 braces, 1-1/8 by 1-1/8 by 9 in., S-4-S.

  • 1 board, 1/2 by 8 by 13 in., S-2-S.

  • 4 blocks, 1-1/8 in. square.

  • 2 gauge clamps.

  • 1 strip, 1/2 by 1 by 13 in., S-2-S.

  • 8 round-head brass screws.

  • 1 brass rod, 1/4 in. in diameter and 12 in, long.

  • 1 brass piece, 1/4 by 3/4 by 10 in.

Complete Stand Complete Stand

Cut a tenon on the lower end of the upright and make a mortise in the center of the long crosspiece to receive the tenon. The horizontal has tenons cut on both ends which fit into mortises cut in the sides of both crosspieces. The upper corners on the ends of both crosspieces are cut sloping on a 45-deg. angle. The blocks for the feet are attached to the under side and at the end on each crosspiece with screws and hot glue, the screw heads being sunk so that they will not catch on carpets or mar the floor.[42] The braces are attached with round-head screws after they are cut on each end to fit the standard and crosspiece.

Detail of the Stand Detail of the Stand

The book rest is cut from the board. The openings are made by sawing the pieces out with a coping [43] saw, and the edges are dressed up with a sharp chisel. The lip strip is then glued to the lower edge of the board.

One end of the board is now fitted into a slot cut in one of the gauge clamps. The slot must be cut at the right angle to give the desired slope to the book rest. The gauge clamps are joined with two small square strips of oak as shown. The small rod brace is flattened at both ends and a hole drilled in each to fasten it with screws as shown. The brass strip is bent in the middle at right angles and drilled to receive screws for fastening it in the corner of the upright and horizontal pieces.

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