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Miscellaneous Joints

Weather boards.—For outdoor buildings, such as garages, garden sheds, toolhouses, etc., "weatherboarding" is often preferred to ordinary matchboarding, chiefly because of the facility with which it throws off the rain. The boarding can be bought ready prepared. Three methods of jointing are shown in the sections at . The method indicated at A shows one of the most satisfactory types, its boards being planed and moulded as shown. The other two examples are more common. The boarding at B is rebated, whilst at C each board overhangs its lower neighbour. The boards for C and D are always cut tapered as indicated.

Fig. 343.—      Weather Boards.

Fig. 343.— Weather Boards.

Fig. 344.—Ladder Rungs.

Fig. 344.—Ladder Rungs.

The end grain is usually protected by nailing on a strip of timber, chamfered on both edges.

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