A Waste Paper Basket

A waste paper basket of pleasing design, and very easy to construct, is shown in the accompanying sketch. Quarter-sawed oak is the best wood to use, and it is also the easiest to obtain. The following pieces will be needed:

  • 1 bottom piece, 3/4 by 9 in. square.

  • 4 corner pieces, 3/4 in. square by 15-1/2 in.

  • 4 top rails, 3/4 in. square by 7-1/2 in.

  • 12 slats, 1/4 by 3/4 by 16-1/4

  • 4 blocks, 1 in. square.

  • 4 F.H. screws, 2-1/2 in. long.

  • 24 R.H. screws, 3/4 in. long.


If the pieces are ordered from the mill cut to length, squared and sanded, much labor will be saved. First bevel the ends of the corner posts and the slats, as shown, and finish them with sandpaper. Bore the holes in the posts and the railing for the dowel pins. These pins should be about 3/8 in. in diameter and 3/4 in. long. When this is done the parts can be glued together and laid aside to dry. The four blocks 1 in. square are for the feet. Bore holes through these blocks and the corners of the bottom board for the large screws to go through. Fasten them together by running the screws through the blocks, and the board into the ends of the corner posts as shown in the sketch. The 1/4-in. slats can now be fastened on with the small round-headed screws. They should be evenly spaced on the four sides. This completes the basket except for the finish. This can be any one of the many finishes supplied by the trade for this purpose.