A Pedestal

The pedestal shown in the accompanying illustration is another piece of furniture that can be made in the mission style. It is very simple in design and construction, and can be made by anyone who has a few simple tools and a slight knowledge of their use. It is best to make it of quarter-sawed oak as this is the most easily procured wood and also looks the best when finished. If you order the material from the mill ready cut to length, squared and sanded, much hard labor will be saved.

Following is a list of the material needed:

  • 1 top, 3/4 by 12 by 12 in., S-1-S.

  • 1 bottom, 3/4 by 12 by 12 in., S-1-S

  • 8 pieces, 3/4 by 2 by 11 in.

  • 2 sides, 3/4 by 5 by 26 in., S-1-S.

  • 2 sides, 3/4 by 3-1/2 by 26 in.

  • 1 piece, 3/4 by 6 by 6 in.

  • 4 blocks, 1 in. square.

Having the boards for the post cut to the proper length and square, nail them together as shown in the detail drawing. Use finishing nails, then set the heads and fill the holes with putty. Next, nail the 3/4 by 6-in. piece on one end of the post leaving the edges projecting even on [54] all sides. Pick out the best board for the top. On the under side and 1/2. in. in from the edges, nail four of the 3/4 by 2 by 11-in. pieces which have been previously mitered as shown in the plan view. Now fasten this top to the post by nailing through the projecting edge of the top piece into the top board. Be careful to get this top on square with the post and exactly in center.

The bottom board is made in the same manner as the top board and is nailed to the lower end of the post as shown. Four 1-in. square blocks should be fastened to the bottom for the pedestal to rest on.

When complete, sandpaper smooth and apply any one of the many mission stains that are supplied by the trade for this purpose.

Detail of Pedestal Detail of Pedestal

Completed Pedestal Completed Pedestal

After staining the wood, the surface can be given a polished or dull finish, as desired. Mission furniture requires a dull finish, and this may be obtained by applying a coat of wax, well rubbed on the wood.