Chisel Work


After marking out, as shown at , place the wood on the bench and proceed to chop away the centre portion in the following manner. Hold the chisel on the bevel and cut out a small piece to form a channel at the gauge line. Now hold the chisel in a vertical position, and with a mallet strike it so as to make a cut about 1⁄8 in. deep. Then hold the chisel on the bevel again and cut away more waste wood; proceed alternately, first forcing the chisel down vertically, and then paring the
wood away with the chisel held obliquely, until you have cut half-way through the thickness of the wood.

Fig. 304.—Hand-made Template  for Marking Dovetails. Fig. 304.—Hand-made Template for Marking Dovetails.

Fig. 305.—Testing.

Fig. 305.—Testing.

Fig. 306.—The Marked      Piece.

Fig. 306.—The Marked Piece.

Turn the wood over and repeat the various operations until the core, or waste piece, is removed. Pare away any little irregularities which may be left in the corners with an 1⁄8-in. chisel, thus leaving all smooth and neat. Lay the piece of wood which is to have the dovetail marked on it flat upon the bench, and take the piece with the dovetail pins cut upon it and place in the position shown at .