Corrugated Steel Fasteners


It is now many years ago since the steel saw-edge fastener first appeared on the market, but probably 80 per cent. of amateur woodworkers have never yet sampled its advantages.

In appearance it resembles a miniature corrugated galvanised sheet such as is used for roofing purposes, with the exception, however, that the corrugations are divergent instead of being parallel and that one end is ground down to a cutting edge (see , A). They are made in various sizes from 1&f

asl;4 in. to 1 in. in length, whilst in regard to width they are classed by the number of corrugations and not by their measurement.

Fig. 362.—Jointing      Boards.

Fig. 362.—Jointing Boards.

Fig. 363.—Jointing a Frame.

Fig. 363.—Jointing a Frame.

The Use of Saw-edge Corrugated Steel Fasteners.

To use the fastener no special tools are required; it is simply driven in with a hammer exactly as though it were a nail; once in position, however, to get it out is worse than drawing teeth. The corrugations add to the strength of the device, the wood fibres closing around them, age and rust but emphasising their grip.