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Table Framing

indicates the framing of a rail to a dining-table leg. In cases similar to this the tenons run into the leg and almost touch each other. They are therefore mitred on the end as shown in the inset. Chair frames often call for similar treatment.

Twin Tenons with haunch, as used when the timber is of great thickness, are shown in .

An Open Slot Mortise at the end of a right-angled frame is seen in . shows an open slot mortise and tenon joint at the end of a frame of 60°. Both these joints are occasionally called end bridle joints.

Fig. 168.—Twin Tenons      for Thick Timber.

Fig. 168.—Twin Tenons for Thick Timber.

Fig. 169.—The Open-slot      Mortise Joint.

Fig. 169.—The Open-slot Mortise Joint.

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