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Saw Work

Take a marking awl, or a knitting needle which has had its end sharpened, and mark the lines of the dovetail in a similar manner to that shown at . Remove the piece A, , and the lower piece shown at will clearly show the marks aa as they appear in . Place the piece in the vice, and saw outside the lines AA, as shown in .

Fig. 307.—Marking Dovetails with Marking Awl. Fig. 307.—Marking Dovetails with Marking Awl.

After sawing down the lines AA, , place the wood in the vice and, guiding the saw blade with the index finger of the left hand, cut away the small piece at the side . Repeat the operation as may be necessary, and the completed joint will be similar to that shown at . If the sawing is not neatly done it may be found necessary to pare the shoulder with a sharp chisel.

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